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It is the fastest and easiest way to reach a large number of people, it can easily influence your audience and help growing business online. For a start-up and brand it is a most important platform to grow their online presence and make potential customers.
In this day and age, social media has become the hub of casual activities. People spend lots of time on social websites to keep up with their friends. When they are in this environment, they are more likely to engage with marketing activities in a casual way.
I would like to add here that posting links of personal websites on social media is not an easy task at all. It is almost impossible for a person to advertise on all social networking sites every single day. This company is one such software that can help you in marketing on all social media sites with a few clicks of the mouse.
Back in the day, when a village was your marketplace, you needed to have good relationships with that market in order to be successful. Knowing your customers’ names, their kids, pets, etc, was the way to be the most popular of the three butchers.

We had a short 100-year or so period where radio, TV and Internet market broadcast messages at the market, but now the tide is turning back and for any business – and especially niche businesses – to do well, it’s time we know our market by name again.

Social Media has returned us to a marketplace economy. It’s not enough to have your wares available, it’s barely enough to wave as people drive by. Consumers want to be known and heard, they demand a voice. Your meat might be the same as the next guy’s, and your prices competitive, but going out of your way to ask about your customer’s kids and throw in a little something for the cat will make all the difference in the world.