1. Don’t neglect your phone calls or emails. Oftentimes, you can win a buyer or lose a seller by simply answering the phone or not responding in enough time to capture a seller.
  2. Don’t skimp on photography and marketing. First impressions are LASTING impressions. So often, there can be thousands of eyeballs on your listing. If your pictures are of cell phone quality, many people will simply pass on setting an appointment to view the property. Also, though you may not be on Twitter (I mean X), Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Meta, or Instagram, thousands…and millions of your potential new home buyers, investors, and viable sellers are! By thinking you don’t need to market yourself, your brand, or your listings on these incredible platforms, you are losing to all the competition that is there. You are essentially leaving so much money and opportunity on the table. (We can help you with this.)
  3. Don’t be too sales-y. No one likes being sold to. But everyone enjoys shopping in leisure.
  4. Don’t be an order taker. You are the professional. Don’t allow a pushy seller to demand an impossible sales price which will cause their listing to sit on the market for too long, or get an offer that simply gets terminated due to not meeting appraisal.
  5. Don’t compare other’s success to your own. You don’t know what others had to go through to get where they are. Stay in your lane and run your race.