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The 10 Best Practices of Real Estate Agents that Win More Business

Real estate is a competitive industry for everyone involved. Sellers compete for quality buyers; buyers compete for the best properties; and real estate agents compete for the most successful sales. If you have been relying on passive marketing (such as… Continue Reading →

40 Facebook Marketing Ideas For The Modern Agent

We’ve talked about Facebook marketing a lot…specifically how Facebook can land you more qualified leads. The cool thing about social media is that it’s always growing and there are plenty of new ideas we can implement to grow our online… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Reasons to Hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant!

So, you’ve heard of Real Estate Virtual Assistants and how many agents are hiring these REVA’s as an extension of their real estate team. But, you’re skeptical. Is it really worth the additional cost when you can do it yourself… Continue Reading →

Premier Real Estate Virtual Assistance

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Craigslist has consistently generated leads for real estate agents

almost since its birth. The platform allows for the free posting of almost anything.  But to get real estate leads from Craigslist one needs to follow a system for publishing ads. Unfortunately, a few spammers (…ok maybe a TON of spammers)… Continue Reading →

200 + Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Marketing is something that every business needs to do, but many business owners hate to do.  Some say it’s because they are too busy, but for many business owners, it’s simply because they don’t know what to do.  So here… Continue Reading →

Why is social media one of the most important marketing tools?

We have amazing specials starting NOW! Call today to get your Real Estate Virtual Assistant for only $500 per month, we provide all marketing and contract to close service. 405.928.8467 or go to 247digitalnomad.wordpress.com Find us at http://virtualdigitalnoma7.wix.com/virtualassistant It is… Continue Reading →

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