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Those things are NOT important in life:
  • how many fb friends you have
  • how many ”likes”you get on your fb post
  • how FEW “likes” you get on your fb post
  • how many people comment/not comment on your latest “selfie”
  • how “busy” (but unproductive) you are/look/seem
  • how big and full your closet is
  • what kind of car you drive
  • the size of your dwelling place
  • how many shoes/jeans/shirts you own
  • that your friends adore you only for what you can do for them
  • that you outdid your neighbor/friend
  • that you have everything money can buy
…. if you traded it by  giving up a chance of genuine happiness and the fulfillment of wants and true desires in your life,  by turning a blind eye to deceptions, lies and empty promises

Who would you be, if you can describe yourself without mentioning your possessions?
Who do you desire to be at the depths of your heart without mentioning any material things? (Go for it!)