The plethora of technology options available to us can make it hard to think “outside the box” and create unique ways to stand out from the crowd using these services. My hope is that this post will not only give you some new ways to impress your buyer clients, but also get the wheels turning so others will generate new ideas and additional ways to leverage technology in your real estate business.

Share a Dropbox Folder with All Showing History & Relevant Docs

Once you have developed a streamlined system for creating PDF showing schedule packets, you can store them in a Dropbox folder and use them to document each showing that you have had with your client. Every buyer is different and some need to see 20 homes before they will ever really consider putting in an offer. The journey from an initial first meeting to the final closing can be a long one.

BONUS TIP: Dropbox usually offers you a free storage limit upgrade when you refer them a new user. If your buyer does not have a Dropbox account, you can refer them from your account and Dropbox will increase your free storage limit. When I started with Dropbox years ago, I increased my free storage to 10Gb by referring my buyers to the service. I now have a paid business account with unlimited storage, but this is a good, free way to start out with Dropbox and increase your free storage capacity for as long as possible.

Create a Personalized Video Walkthrough Once Your Buyers Are Under Contract

Most home buyers have to wait 30 to 45 days to close on a property once it is under contract. For buyers, this waiting game can be difficult. Many buyers will execute a contract on a property after only viewing it one or two times. Chances are also high that the listing agent has not made a real property walkthrough video and is using an outdated virtual tour that just rotates images that are already available in the property listing. This means that the only content available for your buyer to view their future home are the few photoshopped images on the MLS.

Make Everything Mobile Friendly

We all know that we have to be mobile friendly, right? Well, that is becoming an understatement. Google is constantly releasing data that reflects how mobile usage will easily dominate the desktop market. This means that your website, email, social presence, search rankings, reviews, shared online docs, electronic signature software, and drip campaigns all have to look great on mobile devices. The data is clear that the way you look on a mobile device is more important than the way you look on a desktop.

If you have any part of your business that is not mobile friendly, it is time to replace it with a mobile option. If your electronic signature service is not mobile friendly, find a new one. If your website is not mobile friendly, get it redesigned immediately. Even established professionals with a long-standing strong Internet presence are not exempt from this necessity. Bill Gassett has one of the largest followings of any real estate professional on Google Plus, and he recently redesigned his website at to be mobile responsive. Check out his website and reach out to him on Google Plus if you have questions about the best way to approach this topic.

The mobile market is not “coming soon” – it is here right now. My website mobile traffic for 2013 was 37 percent; this year it is 48 percent. That happened in only one year. It would not surprise me if my mobile traffic goes up to 70 percent in the next few years. I use my mobile device much more than my desktop.

BONUS TIPS: Some companies will offer separate mobile platforms which redirect visitors to another site that is designed for mobile use when visitors use your website on mobile devices. In my opinion, it is much better to have your whole website be “fully responsive,” which means that each page on your website will resize itself to fit the browser window on any device.

Did you learn anything in this post? If so, leave a comment below and let us know what your thoughts are. Got a great tech tip? Post it in the comments section and let’s collaborate on it!