Choosing to hire a virtual assistant or employee is never an easy task, but the time will come when the success of your business depends on it. If you are trying to decide whether a virtual assistant or an in-house employee is the better option for you, the following considerations will help.

Expected Duties

Determine which duties you want your new hire to handle. From listings to closing transactions, real estate processes are detailed and deadline driven. This means you need to choose a candidate that has an understanding of these processes, and experience in completing them. Employees may have many of these skills, but finding the right one can be challenging. A real estate virtual assistant is generally well versed in these activities, making it easier to find a candidate that meets your needs.

Time Management

Your time is important – after all, that’s why you’re trying to hire someone to help you. Take the time to consider the training that the employee and the virtual assistant will require. Your goal is to hire the candidate that requires the least amount of your time for training to handle the job duties. Paying close attention to the experience and skillsets will help you determine which potential hire has the most knowledge in real estate and will require less overall training. The point of hiring someone to help you grow your business is to get you out of the office and out there doing the things that will increase profits. Hiring someone that is unfamiliar with the job requirements will not make that happen.

Marketing Needs

Consider the types of marketing you currently use, as well as what you hope to use in the future. You will need to choose someone that can help you with ad generation and layout, marketing and designing your website and any other marketing needs. You will want to compare any potential employees and virtual assistant candidates to determine which has more experience and skill in these areas. Marketing is a major factor in your growth, and experience can help jumpstart a sluggish or non-existent marketing campaign.

Cost Comparison

Choosing between an employee and virtual assistant should also come down to the dollars involved. You will need to consider the hourly wage, commission potential and other costs. With traditional employees you will need to factor in the costs of providing an office and workspace, including the expenses of a desk, computer, Internet access and phone lines. Consider any additional dollars required for paying taxes, insurance and other benefits. All of these things won’t be required for a virtual assistant, as he or she will already have the tools for the job, and as a contractor, won’t require the same additional payroll expenses.

Once you’ve considered these aspects, the decision of choosing a virtual assistant or an employee will become clear. While this may take a bit of time up front on your part, the long-term time and cost requirements should have a major influence over your choice.

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