In today’s digital age, realtors have no option but to be tech savvy. Getting a buyer’s, seller’s, and investor’s attention is more and more difficult. In addition to proving that you know your turf, and growing your database, you must get your name and face out there. If they can’t Google you, you simply don’t exist. Unless realtors figure out ways to automate and outsource some of the client engagement and lead generation work, it will be impossible to run a viable real estate business.

It is very loud and noisy out there and you have to create a Brand that stands out from the rest.

You need to be on all Social Media Channels. If you’re going to be on Twitter, Snapchat, or Periscope, really BE on those platforms. Not having a powerful online image is no longer an option. You can’t just leave it up to Trulia and Zillow. If you Build your Brand Online utilizing a Blog, Social Media, and Generating Leads building your email list, you will have a solid presence online.

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