If you haven’t been getting leads from your real estate website, it may be time to make some changes! Entrepreneur magazine recently published some great ideas for improving website leads. We’re sharing the best of those, along with our own suggestions and insights, tailored for real estate!

A mobile friendly website is a must. Your website’s mobile-friendly condition not only affects the mobile user’s experience, it can affect your SEO!

If your website is not optimized for mobile, it can be “bumped down” in Google when users perform a search from a mobile device! And since more people are accessing the Internet with smartphones than home computers, the disadvantage is huge.

Your phone number should be easy to spot. Don’t frustrate your visitor by making them “dig” for your contact information. Your phone number should be prominent on every page of your website. Also, do not try and force your visitors to fill out a form to contact you. Save the online forms for calls-to-action and compelling offers.

Make online forms easy to find, and easy to complete. Keep the required fields to an absolute minimum. Anyone filling out a form with a smartphone will have a low tolerance for data entry.

For example, a two-field form can be very effective; one line for the user’s email address, and then a field for free-form text. “Questions? Email me now!”

Of course, the multiple-field forms are still valuable for helping you qualify your leads. Pairing these with compelling offers, and keeping the fields to a minimum, generate the best results.

Have an SEO strategy for your website. Your SEO strategy should tie in to your target market and client strategy. Each page of your website should have a unique title tag, clear navigation, and relevant, keyword-rich content.

Provide quality content that is frequently updated. Gone are the days of set-it-and-forget-it websites. Google gives preference to websites that have recent content relating to the topic search. This is why content marketing and content management are crucial elements of today’s web strategies. SEO aside, you should also be giving users a reason to return to you!

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