Here are 52 Ideas to Generate Real Estate Leads:

  1. Run Facebook Ads To Your Landing Pages.
  2. Run Bing Ads.
  3. Sit on a board of a local organization.
  4. Volunteer at a big event.
  5. Theme your months marketing promotions around big events. (Examples: Breast Cancer Awareness, Presidents Day,ect)
  6. Sponsor a class at an under-funded school.
  7. Organize a group of business owners and hold a fundraiser.
  8. Host a silent auction at a house and give the money to charity.
  9. Start a Group.
  10. Start a LinkedIn group and post original thoughts in it daily with a minimum of 300 words.
  11. Start blogging daily and challenge yourself to make each post better than the previous post.
  12. Buy breakfast for the local firefighters.
  13. Organize a neighborhood safety awareness program.
  14. End all of your cold calls asking people what you can do for them.
  15. Post flyers on the doors of every house in the neighborhood.
  16. Take out an ad in the local newspaper.
  17. Sponsor a teacher’s lounge food party on parent-teacher night.
  18. Give away post-it’s with your name on it.
  19. Hand out business cards wherever you go.
  20. Hand out pens as well. These actually stay with people longer
  21. Host a block party for locals.
  22. Figure out how much an email address and phone number is worth to you. (marketing plan) And pass out gift cards in front of Home Depot for less than that number.
  23. Use Bufferapp to schedule more social media posts.
  24. Hold competitions on social media.
  25. Start a social media channel based around houses in the area.
  26. Generate Real Estate Leads by calling past clients for referrals.
  27. Speak at local high schools during career days.
  28. Speak at local elementary schools and parents will see you. This helps generate real estate leads.
  29. Help any college courses related to real estate.
  30. For any of the above educational related activities, try to get a link to your website from theirs.
  31. Record any speaking engagements and post it on youtube.
  32. Build up backlinks to your website until you have a DA and PA of 30. This will generate real estate leads through search engines.
  33. Hire cold callers off of oDesk to do calling for you.
  34. Hire graphic designers off of Fiverr to freshen up your website.
  35. Have 1000 words of original and keyword optimized (I recommend 1% KW saturation) content on every page of your website.
  36. Make more pages on your website and have each page target a different neighborhood nearby you.
  37. Make helpful video content about buying homes in neighborhoods you service.
  38. Make sure you are easily findable on all map applications. Search for yourself on Google Maps and Mapquest.
  39. Sponsor a local soccer team.
  40. Sponsor a local school music program.
  41. Learn a new social network. Pick a network and spend 1 hour a day on it. Always ask, how can I provide value to get value.
  42. Sponsor an animal shelter. People who buy pets usually fall into a similar demographic as home owners.
  43. Co-brand with another local business owner.
  44. Start an email marketing campaign and do not talk about real estate. Ever. Only offer free value to your subscribers.
  45. Find an icon in the real estate world and copy their marketing
  46. Start a local mastermind group about marketing.
  47. Place your logo on your call and include your phone number to generate real estate leads.
  48. Ask for referrals at least 7 times.
  49. Market to friends and family. They love you and will support you.
  50. Always provide value for free to anyone that will take it.
  51. Post content on your blog whenever you can.
  52. Answer the phone in a professional manner.

Generate Real Estate Leads through any of these methods. And you will be successful.

The key is to pick one method and seeing it through until it is profitable.  It’s too easy as business owners to jump from one idea to the next. Focus is critical.

Find success in one path and then build off of it during the next path.