Let’s face it, what do all of the people you’re cold calling, door knocking, and even doing business with have in common?  They use Facebook.

In fact, over 71% of all adults use Facebook daily.  Is your Facebook Page underutilized at best?  Do you lack a clear picture of how Facebook integrates with your real estate business?

I’m going to cover 41 Facebook Real Estate Marketing Ideas to help you dominate below!

The 41 Facebook Real Estate Marketing Ideas:

The Setup: Ideas 1-6

Idea #1: Your Business Needs A Blog:

Did you know the average blog can convert 2-10% of its visitors into leads?  You need a website that has fresh content written by you in order to fully use Facebook.  Facebook is where you share your best articles. And then the traffic from Facebook turns into leads once they hit your blog.

Idea #2: Setting Up Your Facebook Page Video

The first thing you need to do on Facebook is setup a page.

Idea #3: Getting The First Likes

Just like when we got started in real estate, you need to prime the pump.  Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to like your page the second you make it!  Try to invite over 100 people as only some will actually follow through and like the page.

Idea #4: Getting Graphics To Make It Look Great!

Did you know graphics can increase conversion by 16.5%? Here are 2 ways to get your graphics to look great on Facebook:

1) Canva.com: It’s free and easy to make a cover photo!

2) Fiverr.com: It’s only $5 and the photos are made in under a day most times.

Either way, you’ll want some snazzy graphics to spice up your page.

Idea #5: What’s The Point Of A Page:

The whole point of your real estate Facebook page should be “Give to Get.” You want to give 3 things to your audience before you ask for anything in return.  Keep this principle in mind and you’ll see great success.  For example, post 3 articles that genuinely help people buy or sell. Then ask for their business.

Idea #6: Contact Info:

When you first create your Facebook page, you may be in a hurry and not completely fill out the contact info.  Go check your page now and make sure it’s 100% accurate.  There are tons of fields you can fill out on the backside of your business page. The more you write there, the better!

March 21

What Shall You Post? Ideas 7-27

Idea #7: Your Posts About Selling: Do you have tips to make selling a home go better/quicker/easier? Your audience will love to read about them.

Idea #8: Your Posts About Buying: Do you know how to buy a home for a lower price? Or have tips on choosing a Realtor? Honest advice really helps home buyers end up doing business with you.

Idea #9: Infographics: These data driven images still perform very well online.  Use them on your Facebook page to give value to your audience.

Idea #10: Videos From Around Town: You can conduct tours of various districts or neighborhoods. These can be very useful to people moving in from out of town.  They will help your SEO tremendously and perform well on Facebook.

Idea #11: Competitions: Giveaways really increase engagement on Facebook.

Idea #12: Images of Awesome Houses: You can create a Facebook page solely about awesome houses in your city/state. These pages are like more often than business pages. And give you direct access to tons of home buyers.

Idea #13: Memes: These funny images get people laughing and are good when used sparingly.

Idea #14: Public Service Announcements: Did something dramatic, traumatic, or exciting happen nearby? Share it on your Facebook page.

Idea #15: Reviews of Local Businesses: You can partner with other local businesses and promote each other with honest reviews. Love the restaurant you just ate at? Write about it.

Idea #16: Special Deals For Local Businesses: You can provide extra value to the people who like your Facebook page by organizing special deals only available for them.

Idea #17: Thank You’s: Be sure to always thank your clients on your page

Idea #18: Welcome To The Community: You can also welcome your buyers that moved into the community as long as they are ok with it.

Idea #19: A File Of Your Preferred Vendors: There is a file section on your Facebook page. You can upload a PDF of your preferred vendors for your clients to reference.  Nothing like providing instant value!

Idea #20: How Are You Doing? Posts:  Simply asking how everyone is doing is a great way to engage people on Facebook.

Idea #21: Real Estate Stories: Did something happen nationally in real estate? Write about it and make it matter for your local audience.

Idea #22: Cute Photos: Cute home projects are a great thing to share. Make sure they have an image attached as posts with images perform a lot better on Facebook.

Idea #23: DIY Ideas: Most homeowners LOVE DIY projects. Although Pinterest is a better network for these types of posts, there is still a place for them on your Facebook page.

Idea #24: Holiday Posts: Don’t forget the holidays! You can even make this funny by celebrating lesser known holidays.

Idea #25: Avoid Politics: That being said, I’d recommend avoiding politics.  They are a touchy subject.

Idea #26: Strive For Comments and Likes: Facebook has made tons of changes to their algorithm.  Basically, they are trying to only promote popular content. This means all your content needs to matter and get likes/comments.

Idea #27: Embrace Co-Branding: Co-branding is the fastest way to get big on Facebook.  Partner with other local businesses for extra likes.

FB Page Pro Tips: Ideas 28-32

Idea #28: Familiarize yourself with Facebook Insights.This is an analytics tool that can provide powerful information about those who are interacting with you, like age, gender, and location. It’s a good way to hone in on your target market.

Idea #29: Protect Your Privacy: In this article by Telegraph.co there are 11 things you can do to monitor your privacy settings.  Basically, don’t post something you don’t want everyone to see.  Comment below if you’ve ever had any privacy issues.

Idea #30: Stealth Facebook Pages: You can create Facebook pages that you own but don’t directly represent your business. For example, they can be fan pages about cool homes or DIY Homeowner boards.  These gets likes a lot faster, but the leads tend to be colder.

Idea #31: Facebook Groups: Don’t ignore Facebook groups! There are typically 30-40 active Facebook groups for every major city out there.  Joint them and become part of the conversation.

Idea #32: Your Own Profile: I really recommend using your own profile for stuff you’d do with friends. And then using your Facebook page for things you’d do with clients.  There is a grey area.  But make sure you use the two differently because there are definitely things people don’t expect to see on a real estate Facebook Page.

The Best Articles To Take You To The Next Level! Ideas 33-41

Don’t take it all from me… Here are some of my favorite articles:

Idea #32: The 8 Keys To Success For Facebook Marketing

8 Great Tips to leverage all your social features and get the maximum benefit from your page.

Idea #33: 10 Successful Facebook Marketing Examples

These 10 examples will give you even more ideas that have actually worked in the past when doing Facebook marketing.  Social Media Examiner has tons of great Facebook posts.

Idea #34: Facebook Marketing is Changing—Here’s What Small Businesses Can Do To Stay In The Game

This recent article talks about the newest Facebook changes.  Basically, Facebook is starting to limit who sees your post and how they see it. This can really impact your business if you are expecting leads to come from Facebook. It’s a must read.

Idea #35: Facebook Marketing: What is working on Facebook right now?

If you’re going to spend time on Facebook, don’t you want what you do to work?  These examples show what’s working and what isn’t. I’d check it out and make sure you copy their strategies. At Easy Agent Pro, we always are trying to do new things like this to improve our results.

Idea #36: Will Facebook Marketing Reach Saturation Point?

Are you a tech nut? Love to study startups? This is a cool article that examines Facebook’s growth and asks the question: “When will they stop growing?”

Idea #37: How to Run a Facebook Contest, Analyze Your Page, and More: 11 Ideal Facebook Tools for Marketers

This blog post will help you start a contest. But more than that, it’ll show you some cool ways people are driving traffic online.

Idea #38: Facebook Marketing 101 – Seven Marketing Rules for Customer Engagement

7 Rules to help you cultivate the best experience possible for your customers! It’s important not to forget that those people who’ve liked your page are actual people.  Don’t spam them!

Idea #39: Facebook Marketing Strategies – 7 Examples From Top Brands

Examples are the best! Look at these examples if you can’t decide which way to turn next.

Idea #40: HubSpot’s Free Download: Social Media Marketing Kit

HubSpot has a great social media marketing kit that will help you get started! They give you 3 different PDF books. One is on Facebook and the other two are on LinkedIn and Twitter.  These books are very informative and helpful.

Idea #41: What’s your Facebook marketing gem? 

I want to hear from you! What are you doing on Facebook? What are you goals? Post a link to your page or website in the comment section below and let’s talk about it!  Comment below and let me know which ideas you’ll be implementing.