Have you ever posted something like this on your Facebook Page?


Here’s the problem:

When you click that link, it does this…



That is NOT good.


Or, have you even shared a blog post by Zillow (Trulia)?


Ditto. Same thing. This Is Not Good.

You’re really helping those big websites get better!

They get more traffic…more SEO rankings…more Facebook shares…and more eyeballs.

You’re literally just building their business.

But, what if you could get leads from those links you share?

…now you can.





Snip.ly is a cool new app that creates a call to action on top of any real estate blog you share!

It helps you get leads and increase your branding. Here’s what one looks like:


This gets YOU 2 things:

  1. Leads: Anyone that clicks your link has the potential to become a lead for you! And they can come from ANYWHERE…even a Zillow blog.
  2. Face Recognition: You’re able to brand it with your Face. This increases recognition. Did you know you have to make 7 impressions online with someone before they reach out to you in person?


::: Let’s Set One Up :::

Step 1: Head over to Snip.ly and create a free account

Get Snip.ly Here

Step 2: Fill in the information as you see below:


Step 3: Share your special link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and wherever else you market!



That’s it!


The cool thing is that now you can get leads from your Landing page with traffic from Zillow!


You can share this all over the web and home sellers will click it. They then see your face and can get a home valuation on your website. Even though the article they are reading was written on Zillow!

Isn’t that cool?




Want a pro tip?

One of the cheapest ways to get leads is through content.

Did you know it literally costs 4-5X more to get leads from a landing page on Facebook than it does from a piece of content?

You can now share content from any site (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com) and then have leads come directly to you.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Create your Snip.ly link like above

Step 2: Boost your post on Facebook



People who are interested in buying or selling real estate will click your article. And see your face. Then, a percentage of them will click on your link and fill out your form.

You’ll be saying:




This doesn’t replace the need to write useful information on your own website. And it doesn’t help you with SEO.

But this is a great tactic to use when sharing articles (or some listings) when they aren’t directly on your website.

If you’re looking to get great results with a tool like this, you’ll need a website that converts traffic into leads very well.

You simply are not going to get leads if you do this. And then link to a regular website. Regular websites simply aren’t setup to convert visitors into leads.

I suggest sending this traffic to landing pages or a site that’s optimized for lead conversion.


Are you going to check out Snip.ly? Let me know if you do…