Why do some companies like AOL disappear from the competitive landscape while others like Apple continue to dominate throughout the decades?

Businesses that typically withstand the test of time continue to explore and expand the ways they do business. For Realtors, the tactics that worked to generate business 10 years ago are eventually not going to work anymore.

And the tactics that are just starting to work now will continue to be perfected until they are massively more profitable than even the most successful historical ways of generating leads.

Sure, you can be a Realtor who has a successful business in 2016 without knowing SEO, publishing blogs, or focusing on social.  But can you be successful in 2026 without these skills? What about 2035?

I’m not sure you’ll be able to be massively successful in the coming decades without devoting even a fraction of your real estate marketing budget to online lead generation tactics.

And here’s why: 

All marketing statistics point towards dramatic increases in online lead generation effectiveness for local businesses, and decreases in traditional marketing methods.

The following infographic makes it clear what is changing in the online marketing space. And points to several key trends that will impact how Realtors market their businesses in the future.

real estate market statistics

What do you think about these real estate market statistics?

How are you going to take action on these social media and trends in real estate? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you have any questions, do reach out and I’ll try to help you with your marketing and lead generation.

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Real estate lead generation is changing. This is no longer 1980 where cold calling will get the job done.

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