“To succeed in real estate, you must have client leads. It’s that simple. Until you have enough leads (to meet or exceed your goals), NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.” – The Millionaire Real Estate Agent


There are tons of ways to get leads. Here are 11 Amazing Facts About Generating Real Estate Leads:

11 AMAZING Real Estate Lead Generation Facts - The number rule in real estate is that nothing matters until you have enough leads. Learn the facts that marketers and realtors use to get their incoming leads to grow. #realestate #marketing:

Did you know Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than any other Social Network? There’s this cool tactic I like to call Pinterest Squeeze Pages. Basically, we’re going to pin a BUNCH of images and then make the URL land on a squeeze page asking for contact information.

How do you do this? Well, simply signup for an account at Leadpages. (You only need the basic, lowest priced account.) And then start making various landing pages with different options!

Next, head over to Canva.com and make up some pins for each of your landing pages! Now, every time someone clicks on of those images you’ve made, you’ll convert 5-10% of them into leads!

homepage-girl2. Good Ol’ Cold Calling

According to Bernice Ross’s Study: “The conversion ratio was 1.7 percent for the agents when they actually reached a person. This means for every 60 people the agent actually reached, the agent would either receive a referral or schedule an appointment.”

No surprises here…Cold calling has always been effective and probably always will be. Check out this article for FSBO Scripts. You can do a lot of damage with just a simply cold calling routine. The problem with this strategy is you often need someone to hold you accountable for your cold calling. Check out this real estate marketing plan if that’s the case. Also, be sure to read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.


Texty LeadSites 

3. Blogging

61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are also more likely to buy from that company. Source

Blogging can drive leads.  Our websites convert a lot of this blogging traffic into leads for you. If you want to blog, you’ll have to become an expert at social media. Likewise, if you want to be on social media you have to be blogging. There is no way around it. Blogging also helps your cold calling conversion numbers.

4. Door Knocking

“I got 2 listing appointments and 1 buyer out of it for about 3 hours of work. Not ONE person was rude or standoffish. . .Since then I continue to door knock and I get at least one hot lead out of it every time I go out. The cost of door knocking is almost free, it’s a great way to get your name out there and it’s great exercise,” Katie Burmeister

For every new techy way there is to generate real estate leads, there is an old way that still works. Door knocking will work if you can force yourself to do it regularly.

newsletter for lead generation real estate5. Email Newsletters

“44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.” – SalesForce

Email is the driver of business. In the perfect world, you should be dripping all of your contacts regularly through email. Focus on getting 10 email addresses a day and adding them to your drip sequence. You’ll get results in no time!

6. Facebook Ads

“52% of all marketers generated a lead from Facebook in 2013.” – Hubspot

Facebook marketing is an awesome tool for real estate and the ads are even better! Try Leadpages with Facebook ads today for an awesome lead generation system.

7. PPC On Google

An Ad In The First Position Gets A 7.1 Click Through Rate Source

Another use for Leadpages is Google PPC. This is a bit more expensive than Facebook advertising, but you’ll get very targeted leads.  Be sure to consult an expert before just setting up a Google PPC campaign.

leadpages8. LeadPages

The Internet’s Easiest ‘Next Generation’ Lead Generation Platform Source

9. Referral Systems

Even as the Web has become the preeminent home-search tool for consumers, referrals are still the No. 1 way buyers and sellers find their real estate practitioners. Source

At the end of the day, referrals are what keeps you in business. Be sure to keep in touch with old contacts and always ask them for referrals!

linkedin profile for real estate agents

10. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is 277% More Effective for Lead Generation Than Facebook & Twitter. Source

There are various ways to get leads from LinkedIn. To get an awesome video course on how to do this, check this out.

11. Following Up

It takes at least five continuous follow-up efforts after the initial sales contact before a customer says yes. Source

What’s your experience with real estate lead generation? How do you get your leads? Do these stats match what you’re experiencing? Let me know in the comments below!



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