Struggling to sell the house you just listed? Social media has a couple of solutions for you!  There are a lot of things you can do to market the house online. Today, I’m going to break down 10 tips for using social media to sell a house.


Struggling to sell the house you just listed? Social media has a couple of solutions for you!  There are a lot of things you can do to market the house online. Today, I’m going to break down 10 tips for using social media to sell a house.

social media to sell a home as a realtor

1) Real Estate Farming Facebook Page – Social Media To Sell A House

What if you could get a bunch of people to like a Facebook page track facebook engagement for real estate socialmedia and facebook marketingdedicated to real estate near you? That would be amazing!

Home buyers are looking for homes in very specific locations. You can easily create special Real Estate Farming Facebook pages designed to get likes only by the people interested in owning property near you.

Look at this Facebook page “Modern Homes San Diego”:

selling a home through social media

Can you believe those numbers?

Most Realtors struggle to get over 491 people to like their personal Facebook page! And Modern Homes San Deigo on Facebook has that many people who’ve engaged with their post. That’s impressive.

Here’s how you can use this strategy to promote your listings and sell more houses:

1) Create a Facebook page that merely shows BEAUTIFUL properties near your location

2) Post to it daily following this social media schedule

3) Occasionally post images and links to your listing when you have one to promote!

You can also link to your blog content through these pages and see significant results! If you need a Real Estate Logo or real estate slogans to get started, check out our free guide here.

2) Create A Home Buyers Waiting List Through Your Blog!

One of the best ways to sell a property quickly is to build up a list of buyers wanting property in that particular area.buyers waiting list There are several ways you can do this! The best way is through real estate blogging. You can drive traffic through your social media channels to your blog. And then put a sign-up button on the top of your page that asks people to join your waiting list!

In addition to having a button, you can use active lead capture to add the process of building an email list of interested home buyers. The addition of this button does two big things for your business. Firstly, it gives you an added advantage during your listing presentations. You can bring up the fact that you have a list of buyers at your disposal.  And that you can instantly notify hundreds of people that the property is available. Secondly, it sends the right social signals to any buyer.  Home buyers that join your ‘waiting list’ understand that you’ve also attracted other buyers to you.  Having a waiting list will help create a level of comfort with your business and builds trust in you.  You also get the permission to notify them directly of properties in the area!

3) Pinterest Local Groups

Pinterest marketing for Realtors is an enormous opportunity Siphoning seller leads off of pintereestcurrently for using social media to sell a house. The network drives a lot of visitors and traffic to real estate websites. When you want to market your properties, however, the key is creating local boards. I suggest creating or joining a Pinterest board dedicated to your community. The goal is to get as many people to follow that board as possible. One strategy for doing this is to create a board and then invite people to ‘collaborate’ on it.

With this method, people will be able to help you add pins to the board. The Pinterest board lets you build up a digital community of people located near you that you’d eventually like to sell properties to. Then when you have a listing, pin fantastic photos to that board that link back to your listing. These pictures will be seen by a large number of Pinterest users in your area!

Look at the people following this Pinterest board near Dallas! You can do this:

pinterest for selling real estate houses

4) Pinterest Local DIY, Events, Teams

It’s great to create a Pinterest board related to homes. But think of how much bigger your audience could be if you owned a board about local DIY, events, teams, etc. There are so many other news-related items that are loosely connected to real estate. You can post images about these, build up a community of followers, and then sprinkle images that link to your listings when the time is right.

This strategy will yield a much higher following in a short period of time.  As long as you keep it local, your listings will be shown to the right people.

5) Facebook AdsFacebook2

Facebook ads aren’t just for getting seller leads! You can also generate interest in your properties with these ads. Here is my step by step guide for setting them up: Facebook Ads For Realtors.

Honestly, I’d focus on generating buyer leads rather than sending paid traffic to a particular property. I’d spend money getting people to opt-in to a home buyers guide or cheat sheet. This typically yields much higher conversions on paid traffic. You can use a squeeze page like this if you set up ads for buyer guides:

buyers guide



This type of informational squeeze page typically performs much better.

6) YouTube Video Toursyoutube

YouTube video tours are a great way to present the property to people browsing online.  I recommend making a video with an app like Magisto. This video app automatically mixes your short clips together to make interesting videos.

Next, your goal should be to get the video to 100 views. To do this, you’ll have to market it. Here are 5 ideas or places for you to market your videos:


Texty LeadSites 

1) Your Blog

2) Facebook Pages

3) Email Friends, Family, Past Clients, and Neighbors

4) Twitter

5) LinkedIn Posts with the Video embedded

After your video has over 100 views, it will start showing up highly in Google searches. This will help your video marketing even more. Remember to include strong calls to action with the video! Also, once the property sells, change the calls to action towards your other properties in the area, your website, and your buyers waiting list! Real Estate Marketing is really powered up by using Youtube videos currently!

7) Pinterest Ads

Pinterest just released their new advertising platform. And clicks are SUPER cheap. I’m currently getting clicks for less that 15 cents. You can pick 1 or 2 of the best images for your new property and pay for clicks to a squeeze page for that property.

You’ll want to pin several images of your property, and then head over to: Next, you’ll click the red promote button on the top of the screen. Finally, you’ll be able to set the demographic settings after selecting the pin you’ve already made.

The demographic settings aren’t as intensive as Facebook. You can really only choose major cities as geographic regions. But given the low cost of the clicks, this really shouldn’t matter too much.  You’ll be able to drive paid traffic directly to your properties squeeze page just by filling out a simple settings page.

Here’s the settings page:

social media to sell a house

8) Twitter Cold Calling

I talked about this in my Twitter guide for Realtors, but if you want to succeed on Twitter you have to reach out to people. This is just like cold calling! You come up with several scripted tweets and send them to people who express an interest in buying soon. This will get you directly in front of clients looking to buy real estate in the near future.

9) Twitter Local Hashtags

When it comes to selling your property, local leads are at a premium. You can use Twitter local hashtags the same way small businesses use Walmart’s parking lot! Walmart predictably gets around 500,000 people to it’s store every single month. That’s why you see so many small businesses located near Walmart.

The same thing goes for local hashtags. Is there a high school sporting hashtag? Is there a hashtag for a big local business? Do local events have hashtags?

Of course they all do!

You can time your tweets to go out when these people are using these hashtags and get more eyes on your real estate because of it!

10) Google Plus – First Page Hacking

Google Plus is mostly dead. The platform hasn’t seen any major improvements and Google recently cut-out the authorship part of it’s algorithm. However, there is one huge advantage to having people follow you on Google Plus.

Your posts show up on the first page for everyone that follows you.

That’s right! You can be on the first page of Google for almost any search if you first get people to add you to their circles. I get people to add me to their circles by adding every single contact that emails me to my Google Plus page. I find that eventually most of them follow me back. It will take you some time to build up a large following, but the rewards are pretty great!

Look at this, people that have me in their circles are seeing EAP on the first page of Google for very competitive keywords in under 6 months of work:

real estate marketing


So, how many of you use open houses to sell your properties?

Most likely a fair number of you!

In addition to having open house sign in sheets, you can take these open houses online!

With Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, you can engage with the visitors of your house. And make your event the most popular one in the neighborhood!

Did you know that you can even live stream events on Meerkat now?

This means you can live stream your open house for anyone to see!

The ideas are endless.

What do you think?

Did you learn something about social media that will help you leverage your brand? How are you going to grow on social?

Let me know in the comments below!