“No one limits your growth but you. If you want to earn more, learn more. That means you´ll work harder for a while; that means you’ll work longer for a while. But you’ll be paid for your extra effort with enhanced earnings down the road” 
― Tom Hopkins
With the current real estate market boom, the need for a virtual assistant or (VA) has also climbed a steady pace. As the number of houses, apartments, condo units, beachfront and other types of properties keep pouring in the market, Real Estate professionals have their hands full with various tasks and services that having someone to assist in his various functions would no longer be a luxury but a must.
Though the thought of having an actual assistant sounds like a good idea, the cost one has to incur can easily double with this. You need to have a formal office instead of the one you have set-up in your home and have to pay-up stipulated employee benefits. Then, there is utility cost and other expenditures and allowances that you have to allot for such services.
Basic Functions of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant:
For many wise entrepreneurs today, a real estate virtual assistant is all it takes to round-up hectic administrative, marketing, and other ministerial functions essential for the business. Keep in mind that you can have either a locally-based VA or offshore ones. Some of the basic functions of a VA includes:
*online marketing via website development and creative online tactics like placing ads and uploading photos, creating blog sites and social buttons, writing press releases
*administrative assistance such as inputting and updating listings in the MLS
*managing, comparing and researching competitors and market trends delving on places of interests, foreclosures, seasonal peaks and dips, HOA’s, etc.
*round-the-clock point-of-contact facilitator for online and phone inquiries
*manage online transactions concerning payment, dues, and other legal requirements of your client
*manage all aspects from the beginning of listing the property up until the closing of a sale
*organizing travels and open-house events through online means
*customer support
What’s In It For You?
In lieu to the traditional hiring of employee for real estate owned companies, contracting the services of virtual assistants like that of 24-7 Digital Nomad Real Estate Virtual Assistants is laden with benefits. Being independent contractors, you are not required to pay any employment taxes, medical-dental insurance, Social Security benefits and other perks required in your state. These VA’S are often paid on an hourly rate and, at times, depending on a project involved. You do not have to organize a formal office as they will be working using their personal paraphernalia. Cost-efficient, timely and highly manageable, virtual assistants will ultimately make you save more money yet rake in more benefits for your business.
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